Cattails Promo Codes

Cattails is a charming, animal-filled game that will keep you occupied for hours. This article lists cattails promo codes to help you get started with the game without wasting money. It also discusses cattails cheats and strategies so that you may get the most out of the experience!

Cattails features customization as a game mechanic. It permits the player to customize their cat’s appearance. There are three distinct forms of customization: accessories, color choices, and eye hues. At present, there are 98 available coat colors and 13 eye hues that may be customized.

The player may modify their cat in the inventory by clicking Change on the right side, or by pressing the space bar when opening the inventory. The eye color and accessories of the player cat may be altered in the left panel (next to the cat eyes icon), while coat color can be changed in the center panel by selecting one of the square-shaped icons.

The player’s eye color may be changed at any time. There are thirteen different eye hues to select from. New eye colors are not unlocked or purchasable. The player is unable to achieve either of those goals. A cat’s kittens can inherit their mother’s, father’s, or a combination of both parents’ eyes.

The player cat’s fur may be customized with the use of coat colors. There are six default coat hues offered. Other hues may be acquired at dealerships, obtained through special objectives, or unlocked by using promotional codes.

The Recolor Token may be used to alter the fur of a Custom Colony cat. The Recolor Token cannot be used on kittens or cats from other colonies. These are the coats that were produced by the Cattails Kickstarter backers.


Where should I enter the cattails promo codes?

1. Select items

2. Change (the button that is under your cat)

3. In the Promo Code area, type in the Promo Code

4. Your new fabulous kitty will appear

What type of game promotional coupons are available for cattails?

On this page, you’ll find cattails promo codes as well as advice.

How may I modify my cat?

On the cattails game screen, you can customize your cat by opening your inventory. There’s a change button that allows you to select from all of the cattail settings.

How do I change the color of my cattails?

You may use the cattails recolor token to alter your cattails’ hue. The cattails recolor token is a one-of-a-kind item that allows you to paint over an animal’s pattern or part of their body.


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