Metalbird Discount Code

Metalbird discount code

Metalbird discount code

Metalbird originated as a street art project which began in New Zealand in 2009. Phil Walters, Creator of Metalbird made unusual metal bird shapes around his neighborhood for the pure enjoyment of it. People adored them, desired them, and 10 years later Metalbird has grown to be a worldwide artwork endeavor.

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Metalbird is one of the most popular metal bird products. Metalbird has a metal body and it’s available in many colors, such as black, blue and green. Metalbird is durable and lightweight.  With the simple tap of a hammer, this finely made and iconic bird silhouette sculpture will turn your backyard, garden, or environment into a work of art and bring smiles to people’s faces for years to come.

They value producing locally and responsibly. Each bird is carefully cut and welded in three small family-owned U.S. factories utilizing high-quality 11-Gauge Corten Steel.One bird takes a lot of care, love, and expertise to create. It takes over a week to get it just right! If you have a larger project in mind, please email them at

The design of the metal bird has been inspired by a hawk, an iconic and familiar sight for many country dwellers across North America.

The metal bird sculptures are cut out of 11-Gauge steel using plasma cutting machines, then welded together by hand and finished off with an environmentally friendly powder coating process in your choice of colors; blue, black or green (rust) which looks great with the silver color metal they’re crafted from! Each piece will come as shown in their rust finish unless otherwise requested at time of purchase. All three options are extremely durable coats that give them weather-resistant protection against any elements you may expose them to such as rain spots and snow etc… Once fabricated, they are carefully packaged up with detailed instructions on how best to handle and install your metal artwork before being sent its way around the world via courier to your door.

Metalbird discount codes for the metalbird are just as easy to use as any other payment method. Add items to your cart and go to the checkout to finalize your purchase payment.

How long will they deliver?

The metal bird sculptures are cut to order and average fabrication time is around one week. Once fabricated, they are hand-welded in a high heat powder coating facility which can take up to two weeks depending on the backlog at the factory where it’s being done.

How to use a Metalbird discount code?

On your gift voucher’s ‘copy,’ you’ll need to enter your unique code. Continue to cart by selecting your favorite birds. “Paste” the discount code into the Gift Card or Discount Code box, then click apply.

How to save these birds from rust?

If metal bird sculptures are left outside, they will rust. The metal birds need to be protected from rain and moisture. If the surface of your metal artwork becomes dirty, you can use any metal cleaner or metal polisher — just make sure it’s compatible with steel!

How long does a voucher take to arrive?

A Metalbird discount code is sent via email within 24 hours of registration – so if you sign up before 12pm on weekdays (GMT) they will get your gift card out as soon as possible that afternoon. You should receive an order confirmation following each purchase made using a promo code which serves as confirmation it has been activated correctly by our system.

All metal work is made using 11-gauge steel. The rust finish metal bird sculptures are coated in a heat powder coat, which protects the metal and gives it its final color. If you think about what happens to cars that sit outside for years on end without being washed or maintained ,that’s similar to how the metal artwork will look if left exposed. It’ll certainly still be visible but less shiny than when new – over time they do actually get even more beautiful with exposure as natural oxidation makes them an ever changing piece of living art!

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