Tenement Museum Discount Codes

Tenement Museum Discount Codes

Tenement Museum Discount Codes

The tenement museum is a place where you can learn about the history of tenements and immigrants that lived in New York.

Staying at tenements as it was in the earlier times, will give you a glimpse of tenement life history that is not available anywhere else! The tenement building has been turned into a living museum – one where people can learn about how immigrants lived during their time.

This place gives you an opportunity to see what it’s like inside tenements: from movie theaters to kitchens and bedrooms! You will be able to imagine yourself back in those days before everything became so modernized with technology. The best part? Staying here won’t cost you much money either because we have tenement museum discount codes for all our guests out there who want to visit this place without digging too deep into their pockets!

Purchase a membership card at any time throughout the year and get ten visits for less than $10 each (per visit).

If you are a tenement museum supporter, be sure to sign up for the tenement museum discount codes because we offer discounts on admission and membership cards.

Become an educator or student member through the tenement museum’s website and receive free tickets as well as other benefits.

Purchase your tickets in advance online! All tenement museum tickets are half off online as long as you purchase them ten days in advance of your visit.

They offer group rates year round with a reservation, but if you don’t have time to plan ahead they also offer walkup groups at $12 per person all throughout the year except December. So no matter when or how many people want to go, there is always an option available!

You may not be aware of this, but the tenement museum has a wide variety of exhibits and events for people to enjoy.

The collections they are building are made through unusual means – they’ve been left in the structure, physically saved by tenement families, spoken about and kept. They’ve also been purchased to re-create an accurate environment. This exhibit will transport you to three families over three time periods: the Levine family in the 1890s, the Baldizzi family in the 1930s, and the Saez Velez family in the 1960s.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, which is part of the National Historic Site program in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood, is a national historic site. The museum, which includes a visitors’ center and a theater with permanent exhibitions on one floor and temporary exhibits on the other, chronicles the immigrant experience over six decades. Between 1863 and 2011, an estimated 15,000 people lived in the two historical tenement buildings. The museum, which includes a visitors’ center and a theater with permanent displays on one level and changing exhibits on the other, promotes tolerance and historical perspective regarding immigration.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is a moving reminder that, as a nation formed by immigration, the lessons of the past are our greatest hope for the future.

Our goal is to support a society that embraces and values the important role of immigration in the American identity through group visits, lesson plans and programs for secondary and post-secondary instructors; stories, primary sources, and media on tenement museum discount codes.

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