Star Nursery Senior Discount

Star Nursery Senior Discount

Star Nursery Senior Discount

Senior citizens are very important to star nursery. That is why star nursery is proud to announce that they now offer a 10% discount for seniors. For more information about this great new program, read the article below!

The star nursery senior discount is a great deal for people who are over 50. If you’re looking to save money on your purchase of plants, trees, or flowers then this offer might be just what you need!

This content is about star nursery’s senior discounts that help people get the most bang for their buck.

Over 35 years ago, Sunset Nursery was established as a private business. We are delighted to be the top landscaping store for all your landscape needs in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona. With 16 Garden Centres and 9 Decorative Rock Yards, we serve both residential and commercial clients today.

Outstanding garden items are available at Star Nursery. They provide landscape materials to match every lifestyle, from trees and shrubbery to drought-tolerant plants, succulents, and houseplants. Irrigation supplies, gardening accessories, yard tools, and our own unique line of Dr. Q’s Garden Products are all available in the widest selection of merchandise.

This line of products is made specifically for use in the Southwest Region, and it includes soils and fertilizers that are designed to assist you in achieving your gardening goals. They also have a variety of hardscape goods available, including flagstone, paving bricks, decorative rock, and bulk soils.

Since 1983, Star Nursery has been your garden’s partner for every bloomin’ thing.

The first Tuesday of each month is marked as Seniors Day, when a discount is offered on the Regular menu. It may be necessary to show proof of age.

Across the country, businesses and services providers are providing discounts to seniors. Some senior discounts are only based on age, with eligibility typically beginning at the age of 50.


How can I get a star nursery’s senior discount?

You can get it by visiting star nursery and showing your ID.

Is there only one star nursery?

No, there are 16 garden centres in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona; including locations in Las Vegas (Henderson), Henderson (North Las Vegas), Mesquite NV/AZ border area & St George UT Area .

How old do I have to be to sign up for this senior discount program at star nurseries?

You must be 50 years or older.

What is the star nursery senior discount code?

It is the star nursery’s star code.

Can I get a star nursery senior discount if I am under 50?

No, you must be over 50 to receive this offer.


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We offer star nursery senior discounts to customers of all ages, so everyone wins! You can get fantastic discounts on everything you need at star nursery this month if you know the right code to use.

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