Park By The Ports Promo Code

park by the ports promo code

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The parking lot for Park By The Ports is in the northeast corner of the Dania Beach Casino parking lot. A member of staff will check you into the lot and carry your luggage to be placed on the shuttle. Please print out or have ready on your mobile device your receipt.

Please be advised that check-in may take up to 20 minutes and Park By The Ports will not leave anyone behind. Allow yourself enough time for the procedure.

By selecting Park By The Ports as your preferred parking lot, you can be sure that your trip to and from the ports will go off without a hitch. They want to make your journey with them as smooth as feasible, including the parking process before leaving and returning! & Allow them to make your trip perfect! At Park By The Ports, they aim to provide their customers with adequate parking spaces.

At the workplace, they desire a light and pleasant parking experience for you. This includes everything from before you depart to when you return.

By combining a parking lot and automobile spa, Park By The Ports blurs the distinction between them. Park By The Ports is a short ride from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades, allowing passengers to rest easy by not only protecting their cars but also treating them. For many visitors, Park By The Ports is the park of choice because it includes a garage with monitoring technology and its own body shop staffed with specialists.

Mechanics will offer their services to drivers of automobiles that are parked in long-term parking, replacing the oil, washing and polishing the exteriors, or even hiding spare change between the seats if required. After returning from vacation and exiting the shuttle, travelers are greeted by their freshly cleaned and tuned-up automobile before heading home.

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Running a shuttle between a parking lot and a cruise terminal is one of the most expensive aspects of operating a parking lot. The port charges parking lots for the use of drop-off passengers. The fewer trips a parking lot makes with the shuttle, the lower its expenses of operation are.


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At what time shall we arrive there?

Park By The Ports recommends arriving at the lot 30 minutes before you would like to be at the airport.


Shuttles are a great option if you’re traveling by sea or to the airport. They provide transportation between your cruise terminal or airport terminal and other points in order for you to save money on taxis, rental cars, and other expenses.

The easiest approach to get a park by the port’s promo code on your parking is to book ahead of time. The majority of the cruise parking lots on the island, including the official Port of Galveston lots, provide a reduction for reservations made online.

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