OneBlood is one of the leading organizations in the United States that provides blood donations. They are one of America’s largest nonprofit distributors of donated whole blood, which can be used to help save lives. OneBlood has been recognized as one of the top 100 workplaces for Latinos by Latino Leaders Magazine and one of Fortune Magazine’s 50 Most Admired Nonprofit Organizations. offers a variety of rewards points programs where you can earn points for your donations on their site including:

– oneblood points – our standard program with no donation limits or restrictions

– oneblood kids – where donors who are 18 years old or younger will receive an extra 10% bonus per unit donated*

– oneblood families – where one whole blood donation earns one point and each additional family member that donates on the same day will earn an extra 25% bonus per unit donated*

– oneblood donor card – our standard program with no donation limits or restrictions.

Oneblood rewards are one of the many perks that offers donors.

They believe that by giving a little of their time and donating blood or stem cells it is possible to positively impact others. They strive for excellence in all aspects – from medical research projects with universities around the country; creating new products through partnerships between industry professionals & scientists like yourself ; designing processes so donors feel safe during their visit while providing an efficient systematization process which enables greater access (one pint = four units!).

They are a company that is passionate about saving lives. They do this by providing patients with blood and stem cell products, as well as facilitating scientific research to help those in need of it most.

Donating is a great way to give back and get rewarded at the same time. You can choose from many different rewards programs, including free shipping or gift cards! Don’t wait 12-36 hours after your donation before getting excited–you should start seeing codes activate automatically on Monday morning when donating for an organization who offers this feature like Unicef Warrior Foundation does so make sure you sign up today.

a) Make A Difference

b) Give Back

c) Go To Work


Is it possible to purchase blood?

OneBlood, like every other blood bank, collects and accepts donations of blood, tests them for safety, breaks them down into various components, and sells them to hospitals and clinics.

Do you get compensated for your time when you give blood?

Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that this isn’t normal. Donate 6 times and receive a $100 eGift card after donating every two weeks!

What does OneBlood examine your blood for?

For HIV, hepatitis B and C, West Nile virus, syphilis, and CMV, among other diseases, many blood samples are subjected to a dozen analyses.

Do you have any code?

Yes, promo codes are offered throughout the year to help save you money on your next purchase with this store.

What are the benefits of giving blood and getting codes?

There are several advantages to giving blood. It lowers your risk for heart disease, but there are also mental and physical health perks associated with charity such as this life-saving present!


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