Middleton Place Coupons

Middleton Place Coupons

Middleton Place is a historic plantation in middle Tennessee. The gardens are open to the public for tours, but if you want to see more of this beautiful place, then you’ll need Middleton place coupons!

With Middleton place coupons, you can get free admission into the garden and save up to $30 on other fees. These coupons are only valid for one day per person each time they’re purchased so be sure not to miss out!

The historic preservation work and interpretation of history at Middleton Place focuses on major contributions made by the Middleton family as well as enslaved Africans who lived and worked there. The stories are a microcosm of United States history, representing periods from early Colonial times through to the Civil War era.

The Beyond the Fields tour introduces visitors to an institution of slavery and life lived by enslaved Africans in South Carolina. Visitors will learn about their daily lives, faith, leisure activities, cultural contributions made during the enslavement period up until present day America. The story tells how strong humans are when faced with adversity, and how their legacy can inspire us to rise from the ashes.

In 2008, the Foundation published a well-received book called Beyond the Fields. In April 2017, they released a documentary of the same name. They also undertook new initiatives – all based on extensive historic research and documentation such as restoring their Plantation Chapel or even hosting “Carolina Gold” – an exhibition about rice farming in South Carolina during slavery times which not only complies with modern regulations but is suitable for learning today’s agriculture technology skills too!


Who owns Middleton place?

Middleton Place is owned by the Middleton family, who was one of the wealthiest families in middle Tennessee. They built Middleton place in 1797. They developed Middleton Place into a working plantation with farms and enslaved Africans. The Middleton family desired Middleton place to be one of the most beautiful plantations in middle Tennessee.

What are Middleton place coupons?

Middleton place coupons are available to help you enjoy Middleton place without having to spend your entire budget. With Middleton place coupons, you can save up to $30 off admission and other fees.

What documents do I need to bring with me in order to present my Middleton coupons?

You’ll need the Middleton place coupon for this one! You can’t use Middleton place coupons if you’re planning on visiting more than once during the day.

When do Middleton place coupons expire?

The Middleton place coupon expires at midnight, so be sure that you take advantage of it before then! Middleton coupons are only valid for one day at a time.

When does Middleton Plantation Open?

The expansive beauty of Middleton Place is open to the public daily from 9 AM-5 PM. Visitors can experience history and America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens, as well as discounted ticket prices available online for contactless entry with an interactive smartphone app.


We propose that you wear comfortable clothing and walking footwear.

Middleton Place offers accessible parking and facilities nearby to visitor parking.

Because of the free roaming cattle and natural predators, pets are not allowed at Middleton Place.

The area’s charm stems from its picturesque ancient homes, which are designated as historic districts. The official name is Eastern Point Historic District, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Photography (except in the House Museum) is encouraged throughout this neighborhood.

With Middleton place coupons, you will experience the best of this place.

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