Interceptor Plus Rebate

Interceptor Plus Rebate

Interceptor Plus Rebate

Interceptor Plus prevents heartworm disease and treats controls for roundworms (including hookies), whip worms as well. It also gets rid of tapeworms that can be harmful in dogs 6 weeks or older weighing 2 pounds OR MORE!

Your new dog is going to need some health care, and you want the best for him! Make an appointment with your vet. Once there ask about Interceptor Plus – this will help keep his teeth clean in between visits (you can purchase a 12 month supply at once). Then go ahead submit the rebate information online using promo code TVF2530 so when he gets older they will make sure not only does he look great but also stays healthy as possible by giving them all that much needed dental work done on time each year while staying under control of tartar buildup before it becomes excessive or painful.

It is important to use the right dose of Interceptor Plus for your dog. If they are not already infected with heartworm, then it may be difficult for them to fight off infection once-and-for all without regular treatment as part of their routine health care plan in addition to protecting against mosquitos carrying larvae/infection from one season’s end until next year begins!

Dogs are susceptible to a range of risks that worms pose, from the mother’s milk they drink to mosquito bites. The best way for you and your dog (or any other animal)to stay safe is by keeping up with preventive treatments against these pesky creatures!

Plus offers long-lasting protection in the convenience of a tasty, easy to administer chewable tablet. The tablets are chicken flavor with added benefits for dogs suffering from beef allergies and will protect your best friend against heartworms for up to one month! Most animals love this treat so you don’t have to worry about them not enjoying their meds like other medications can sometimes cause resentment towards humans which might lead toward refusing treatment when really needed most.

The best way to protect your dog against the dangers of intestinal worms and heartworms is by ensuring they are regularly treated with a dewormer. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that any potential problems have been taken care of before it can come up, as well as keep them healthy overall!


– What is Interceptor Plus?

It is a medicated treatment for dogs with heartworm disease.

– Can anyone purchase Interceptor Plus?

No, you must have a valid prescription from a veterinarian who has electronically submitted your pet’s information to the bank of knowledge that is VetSource.

– How much is the refund for the interceptor plus rebate?

The refund policy states that the consumer must provide verifiable proof of purchase. That would mean you are required to have a receipt, cancelled check or credit card statement.


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