Why is Wagyu Beef So Expensive

Wagyu Beef

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You might have come across the Wagyu beef on the menu of a restaurant several times and wonder why is Wagyu beef so expensive and what might be the possible reasons? Well, the reason is quite unique to it. First, you need to understand what Wagyu means, well it’s a Japanese word in which “Wa” means Japanese and “Gyu” means cow. So this phrase literally means Japanese cow.

Let’s dive in and get some fruitful information on why Wagyu beef is so expensive?

The question here is why do Japanese cows are much costlier than their American counterparts?

As per American Wagyu Association the breed of “Wagyu” diverged as much as 35000 years ago. In order to get the most intramuscular fat cell this strain was bred with other cow’s breeds. This bred provides an energy source that is easy to access. In 1910 the genetic mixing ended forming the strain known as Wagyu.

Why is Wagyu beef so expensive?

While Wagyu is not new in the market, its popularity has been boosted outside of Japan in the rest of the world. In the past five years the value of Japanese beef has increased, raising the exports of beef to 200%. Here are a few facts about Wagyu, you surely want to know. 

why is wagyu beef so expensive

Why is Wagyu so popular among the people?

The quality of Wagyu beef is considered by four things. Texture, Marbling, fat quality, and color. The beef is juicier and tender when it comes to the texture of beef. In comparison to the standard beef Wagyu has a more buttery flavor. It is very unique when it comes to the flavor of beef. Unlike other beef, the fat of Wagyu is special too. It is cooked at a low temperature to save the taste of raw product. 

Beef is usually considered as less diet friendly. People usually consider fish and white meat over red meat. One of the other unique qualities of Wagyu beef is that it is good for heart health as well. Making it the first choice of beef lovers who are health conscious as well. Wagyu has a higher ratio of unsaturated to saturated fat as compared to other beef.

Why is Wagyu beef so expensive?

Wagyu is expensive in every form. When it comes to the price of a Japanese cow it usually costs $30,000. While the American cow is usually $1,500. The cost of Wagyu beef per pound is $200. The reason why Wagyu is so expensive is also due to how these cows are raised. When it comes to reproduction it is monitored by the Japanese government.

Genetic testing is a major part of the reproduction process. At the time of reproduction only those cows are allowed in the reproduction line with the best genetics. The DNA ratings also add to the price of cows. The cows with higher DNA rating are more expensive than the cows with less DNA rating.

How to get Wagyu beef?

Wagyu can be easily bought from the Asian market. However, when it comes to cooking, to get the best of its taste it should be left to the professional cook. You surely don’t want to waste your money on just a mere experiment. 

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