How Much Does a Chicken Breast Weigh

How Much Does a Chicken Breast Weigh

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The average chicken breast weighs varies depending on different factors like whether it’s boneless, with bones, cooked, or frozen. Generally, the average chicken breast weighs 6 ounces or 174 grams.

In most cases, if you are buying from the store it is already mentioned on the package. According to the thumb rule, you can probably find 2 to 3 chicken breasts in every pound. Well, there are different types of chicken breast weight depending on different factors. Let’s dive in to find out more about how much a chicken breast weighs.

Here are a few factors in detail to know how much does a chicken breast weigh?


Many people prefer chicken that is still with the bones. It will help to keep the moist and extra flavor during the cooking. It might seem that it will cost more but in reality, it costs less than the boneless chicken. Well, who doesn’t want extra flavor with less cash? I am sure everyone does.

The weight of bones will make up 20% of the total weight of the split chicken breast. But once the meat is cooked you will get the same amount of meat.


If you like to eat your meal smoothly then boneless might be better for you. An average chicken weighs about 174g but sizes vary from smaller cuts to larger ones i.e. 4 oz to 8 to 10 oz. It’s completely up to one’s choice on how he/she does like to eat and how much amount of chicken one wants in their meal.

how much does a chicken breast weigh

Raw vs. cooked

When you cook chicken the size of the breast will decrease as you cook a lot of water and fat in it. The weight of the cooked chicken will definitely decrease. The weight will be 25% less than the raw chicken when it is cooked. For instance, 174 g chicken will be 130.5g when it is cooked.

Different types of cooking will have different impacts on chicken. If the chicken is grilled or oven-roasted it will shrink more than when it is boiled or braised as these methods include more moisture methods.

Frozen vs Thawed

If you are purchasing fresh breast chicken and freezing it, it will weigh the same as it was fresh. However, if you are purchasing pre-frozen chicken breast the weight will be different from home frozen chicken. The store purchased pre-frozen chicken breasts contain a special coating that stops the product from sticking together. Which will eventually add to the weight of the chicken.

If you want an accurate measurement of the chicken breast you have to defrost it first, only then the accurate measurement can be done.

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