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How did Casey Anthony become so wealthy? Casey Anthony is listed on the official Orange County, FL., vital records as having been born in West Palm Beach, Florida on March 19th, 1986. She has not publicly listed her birthdate which makes it difficult to determine her exact age. When she was arrested for the murder of her daughter Caylee in 2008 she was 25 years old. Casey Anthony managed to avoid a jail sentence due to the controversial verdict of not guilty in the murder.

Casey Anthony net worth is $2 million dollars. How did this 25-year-old woman manage to amass such a fortune? Here are some of the earnings she received since 2005:

$650,00 – Salary for Season 1 of her reality show “The Real Housewives of Orlando” $2 million – Settlement fee to stay out of jail for killing her daughter Caylee $200,000 – The amount that the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance cost $100,000 – The amount Casey Anthony was paid to do a private interview with the Associated Press $580,000 – Estimated earnings from selling her story to a magazine after she got out of jail

She currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, and reportedly lives off of royalties from an undisclosed source. She has not been able to get another job since the trial of her daughter’s death.

Casey Anthony’s love life   

Casey Anthony is currently dating a man named Colin Jorgensen, 26 years old. They have been together since October 2011. There are no reports on how they met or what their current living arrangements are.

Born in West Palm Beach Florida, Casey Anthony was 25 years old when she got out of jail in July 2011. She was charged with the murder of her daughter Caylee and sentenced to 4 years in prison even though she was found not guilty.

The child’s remains were found 6 months after the initial report to authorities that there was a missing 2-year-old. The body was found in a swampy area near where Casey Anthony had been living. There was a media frenzy surrounding the case and Casey Anthony’s parents were forced to move out of their home because of threats they received from people all over the world who were outraged by what happened.

In order for 2-year-old Caylee to have been killed, her mother would have had to hold a hand over her mouth or cover up in some way. This means that body fluids from the lungs would have been coughed up and this is what was found when the body was discovered in December of 2008. The prosecution claimed that Casey Anthony killed her daughter by using chloroform and duct tape to suffocate her, but there wasn’t enough evidence to support such a claim.

There were also photos shown to the jury that Casey Anthony had taken of herself partying in clubs less than a month after her daughter was reported missing. The verdict was not guilty, but she did lie to police during the investigation which motived them to charge her with child neglect.

Casey Anthony net worth and the current life

Currently 25 years old, Casey Anthony is living back at home with her parents and working with them as a photographer. There are no reports on how she has been adjusting to life since she was released from jail in July of 2011 after being acquitted of the murder charge.

There has been no mention so far of any plans for starting a business or beginning an investment strategy to continue to build on her $2 million dollar net worth.

Casey Anthony net worth

Casey Anthony Childhood

Casey Anthony was born in 1986 in Florida, but her exact date of birth is unknown. During the trial it came out that there were many rumors about Casey Anthony being much older than she claimed to be. There are people who claim she graduated from high school when she was only 16 years old. She also had a daughter named Caylee Marie Anthony who lived with her since birth until 2008 when the toddler disappeared.

While this alone makes it tough for social media users to trust anything Casey has to say, especially because it can’t be known if all of what she says during interviews is factual or just part of her defense strategy. The fact that she went on television and said that two mystery babysitters kidnapped which turned out not to be true, made it even harder for people to listen to Casey Anthony.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

Casey Anthony’s net worth is:  $400 Thousand (2016). Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter and released from jail in July 2011. She cashed in on her notoriety by charging as much as $20K per appearance after she got out of jail, but has now fallen off the radar since 2014 when she filed for bankruptcy protection. Some reports said that Casey claimed to make as little as $10/hr working at an Orlando-area theme park, likely Universal Studios.

Casey Anthony net worth

According to TMZ, Casey earns about $675 a month working part-time at a photographer studio which equals around $8,400 a year. While this is not an impressive salary to most people, it still shows that she is earning a decent income. However, Casey Anthony’s net worth has fallen from $10 million before her daughter went missing, to around $500K after legal fees and paying for her defense team.

Casey’s criminal trial ended in 2011 but many questions remain unanswered including how much money she currently makes as well as where all of her assets are located. In the last few years since buying a house in Palm Beach County Casey appears to be flat broke despite reports that she was receiving lots of cash from paid television interviews shortly after being released from prison.

It is likely that Casey received somewhere between $3 and 5 million dollars for those interviews which began just weeks after she was released from jail for killing her daughter.

Casey received $200,000 in donations coming from around the country to help pay her legal fees. Her parents claimed they had spent $30,000 on food and gas for their daughter, but most of that went toward securing her bond so it could be assumed they weren’t directly paying any of Casey’s legal bills. 

According to reports Casey Anthony has not made a single payment toward paying back the more than $800 thousand dollars she owed to several companies who fronted the money for her criminal defense lawyers. She also owes more than $500K in taxes which is due next month (October 2016).

Casey’s net worth may still be over half a million, but it has to be considered that she is still being sued for lots of money including the civil suit filed by the family of her deceased daughter Caylee. Casey may have blown all of her cash on lawyers and partying in recent years so who knows if she was even able to stash away anything at all?

Casey Anthony’s Assets

Casey Anthony’s assets are likely to remain hidden because she put everything into her parents’ names while she was awaiting trial. Anthony also wasn’t required to pay taxes while sitting in jail since the IRS only requires inmates with a yearly income above $10,800 (which includes illegal activity) must file taxes.


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