About 8th Wonder Promo

8thwonder is a music and video company that provides high quality soundtracks to the 8th wonder of the world. 8th wonder was founded in 2005 with an aim of creating, producing and distributing all genres of music.


Is there a discount in your online store?

Yes, all members of 8thwonder get 25% 8thwonderpromos on 8th wonder products.


What do you like most about 8thwonder?

The quality of the music they produce and also their ethics when it comes to business dealings etc. They are very professional in their work attitude; always ensuring that each product is up to standard before releasing them into the market. 8th wonder has done well with international collaborations even though it started off locally!


What if I cancel in the middle of a month? Do I still have access for the rest of the month?

Regardless of when you cancel, you will always get your complete month (30-31 days). You will only have no time left after midnight on that day if you cancel on the last day of your contract.

What do 8thwonder offer?

8th wonder offers different genres of music including high quality soundtracks. They have collaborated with artists like Akon, Lil Wayne among others. 8th wonder are also known for their high production value when it comes to their music. 8th wonder also offer 8thwonderpromos to members of 8th wonder.


What is the difference between 8 th wonder albums and 8 th wonder singles?

8th Wonder Albums are projects that have more than one song on them, while an 8 th Wonder Singles are tracks or songs released separately from any project/album by 8 th Wonder Promotions.


Does it cost money to sign up for a membership with you?

No, signing up for a membership does not require payment! However, the only fee associated with this contract would be if I cancel my subscription in the middle of month (which will incur at least 30-days’ notice before actual billing).

8th Wonder Promo

20% Off

20% Off

Expiry: Sep 13-2024


Shopping Tips:

8th Wonder Promotions Inc. is a company that focuses on providing high-quality soundtracks for their clients, regardless of the cost or time it takes to produce them because they want people all around the world to experience music beyond what's currently available at 8 th Wonder Promotions.

They are dedicated to finding international distributors so more and more people can benefit from hearing different kinds of music than just those produced in North America!

So grab your 8thwonderpromos right now and listen to some outstanding music before they are gone!

More About 8th Wonder Promo

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8th wonder has gained recognition for its contribution to the Nigerian entertainment industry as well as other African countries like Ghana, South Africa etc. 8thwonder has also worked on projects with international artists like Akon, Lil Wayne among others; put together many concerts at home and abroad; had songs played on radio stations across Nigeria. 8th wonder is currently looking for distributors who can handle our products internationally!

There are different genres of 8thwonderpromos music. 8th wonder has a dedicated production team who ensure that the soundtracks produced are of high quality and standard. 8th wonder also ensures they have an international distribution partner for their products before releasing them to market. 8th wonder has had some of the best musical collaborations with international artists like Wiz kid, Yemi Alade and also local talents. 8th wonder is known for their high production value; mixing soundtracks for movies, television shows; producing jingles etc. 8th wonder can be reached on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.